Summer in Hakuba

Whilst many people picture Hakuba as primarily a ski resort town, it also has so much to offer in the summer too. As the seasons change and the snow melts off the picturesque mountains, what were once countless ski runs become an infinite network of hiking walkways and mountain biking trails. The beauty of Hakuba evolves as white turns to green - the flora and fauna shake off the snow and burst into life again.


There are an almost infinite number of trails, walkways and paths for hikers and mountain bikers. You can mountain bike past scenic mountains, lakes, and through the quaint villages of rural Japan. Mountain bike tours are available through the Evergreen Outdoor Center.

On many summer days you can look up to the sky and see a number of paragliders - what better way to see the Alps! With Hakuba Lion Adventure you can fly immediately in tandem or take lessons with a bilingual instructor.


Canoeing, rafting, kayaking, canyoning & waterskiing are just some of the watersports that the valley has to offer. Tours can be arranged at Evergreen Outdoor Center and Hakuba Adventure Club.

English Adventure offers a range of summer camps for children of all backgrounds. You can choose either a 100% English program or a bilingual program for children needing support in Japanese.

Hakuba also has its own skatepark that is open daily year round from 9am - 11pm. True Players Skatepark caters to riders of all skill levels and will only set you back ¥500 a session. Be sure to bring your own equipment, as they don't have a rental shop for gear.